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Frozen Green Peas

Frozen Green Peas


Dietary Fiber 20%
Vitamin A 15%
Vitamin B-6 10%
Magnesium 8%
Energy 632.54 kcal
Total fat 39.43 g
Carbohydrates 45.95 g

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Frozen Green Peas ( Export quality)

Appearnce Fresh clean from spoilage,free from unpealed parts,free flowing
Flavour Profile  Characteristic Green Peas flavour, free from off flavour and odour
Size 7.10 mm ( 5 % NC)
Colour  Green colour
colour variation 1 % ( Max) - Yellow Peas
Infected  NIL
Dehydration 1 % (Max.)
Enzyme Activity Negative
(Peroxidase Activity)  
Total Plate count < 40000 per gm.
Yeist & Mould  < 1000 per gm.
Colliform  < 1000 per gm.
E.coli  Bil/25 gm.
Salmonella Nil / 25 gm
Additives Nil
GMO Free from GMO
Allergens Free from Allergens
Packing 1. Food grade Inner pouch
  2.Inner pack lminated LDPE and Printed
  3. Machine sealing pack
  4. Std. 400 gm. inner pouch and 12 such pack in a 05 ply Outer box
Storage & Product Temp.  At  below - 18 deg. C
Specific  1. IQF procesed
  2. Free from Metal contamination as specified

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